DUP instil hatred and division in Northern Ireland through segregation, caller insists

4 April 2021, 16:24

By Seán Hickey

This caller claimed that the DUP are using divide and conquer tactics to maintain power in Northern Ireland, following unionist riots across the country.

Greg phoned in from Belfast to share his views on the delicate situation in Northern Ireland, following a night of rioting in unionist communities after Arlene Foster called for a police chief to resign.

The caller told Maajid that he was from the culturally Protestant community, but hasn't identified as part of it because of the regressive and immoral tactics of unionist politicians in the country since the end of the Troubles.

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He offered a solution to the violence in unionist communities by calling for unionist Northern Irish people to "educate themselves better" on the complexity of the situation, rather than having a fundamentalist ideology and politics.

He pointed out that "there are very few integrated schools" in Northern Ireland and the segregation of citizens from an early age contributes to such hatred and division in society.

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"One of the other problems is the DUP" Greg added, citing their politics as the core of the problem in Northern Irish society.

"They are the cancer that is killing this country."

He believed the only way Northern Ireland could "move forward is if the likes of the DUP and Sinn Féin" were to step away from politics and allow for more progressive minds to take over.

He went on to suggest a solution to come from Westminster: "The British government have handed a lot of stolen land back," such as in Hong Kong. He wondered why they wouldn't do the same with Northern Ireland.

Concluding, Greg told Maajid that a "border poll should be opened up to allow people to have their say," which he tipped would lead to a reunited Ireland.