Caller: People offended by word 'empire' should 'find somewhere else to live'

12 June 2021, 18:02

By Seán Hickey

This is Maajid Nawaz's epic response to a caller who suggested people who call for 'empire' to be changed to 'excellence' in honours should 'find somewhere else to live.'

Terry told Maajid Nawaz that people should "hand back their awards" if they're opposed to the word empire being part of their title.

The conversation comes off the back of honours holders such as former NBA star John Amaechi OBE advocating the change.

Maajid noted that if Terry's proposal went ahead, the "honours system then doesn't have any way of acknowledging that people...have different experiences of empire."

He prodded the caller, asking "is it not nice that actually, you make it more inclusive?"

When the caller claimed advocates "find somewhere else to live in the world," Maajid branded it a "horrible way to end the show."

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He told the caller that it was "as good as saying that I've no right in my own country that something should be done in a different way," going further to say that Terry's assertion was "the equivalent of me calling you a racist."

Maajid concluded by telling the caller that "if I suggest reform, you should see me as your equal," reminding him that the conversation was debate how British institutions can be more inclusive.