Covid exemptions for VIPs leaves UK on verge of 'class apartheid,' Maajid Nawaz fears

19 June 2021, 15:16

By Seán Hickey

Making quarantine exemptions for VIPs looking to attend sporting events risks turning the UK into a two-tier society, Maajid Nawaz fears.

Amid revelations that UEFA officials will be allowed waive quarantine rules to attend the EURO 2020 final at Wembley, Maajid Nawaz hit out at the apparent "class apartheid" on show.

He stressed that by no means should the final be moved from London: "It's great for the country after such a horrible year we've had," he maintained.

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He warned against those in power making "exemptions for VIPs," fearing that "you reinforce the idea that we're becoming an apartheid by class society."

Along with Ascot going ahead, Maajid pointed to the "G7 and the garden barbecue" as just some exceptions made for VIPs "while the rest of us have to abide by the 30 person rule."

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Maajid called on Government to "realise that you've extended lockdown based on dodgy, out of date data and you recognise it's time to end all these restrictions."

"We've got 86% immunity in this country through vaccinations and natural immunity and antibodies. Why can't we lift these restrictions?" He argued.

"The alternative is to reinforce this apartheid by class society and continue to make exemptions for VIPs."

Maajid saw it deplorable that while people lap up luxuries at Royal Ascot, "an average struggling Joe Bloggs, who is at risk of losing his job and income because of lockdown, can't even attend their family wedding."