Maajid Nawaz denounces conspiracy extremists for 'hijacking' London rally

25 July 2021, 16:35

By Seán Hickey

After conspiracy theorists took over an anti-vaccine passport rally in Trafalgar Square, Maajid Nawaz warned those marching for civil liberties to 'guard your right flank.'

After a vitriolic speech by conspiracy theorist at Saturday's civil liberty march in London made the headlines, Maajid Nawaz warned that protesters need to be careful in future,

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"You know I have been supporting all of those voices trying to resist the curtailing of our civil liberties" he began, but stressed that the "hijacking' of Saturday's march is something he condemns.

Maajid expressed his disbelief at "somebody asking to compile a list and then referencing doctors and nurses hanging," which allegedly led to many protesters leaving with in bad taste.

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"I am no stranger to a cause being hijacked by its two extremes" he pointed out, referencing when US and UK entities listed him as a terrorist and an anti-muslim extremist at the same time.

"Do not allow your cause to be hijacked by the extremes" Maajid warned, adding that protesters must "guard your right flank" against extremists and conspiracy theorists in future.

He pleaded with organisers to not allow fascism "creep in" to the anti-vaccine passport movement and instead remain a legitimate cause.

"Only by protecting civil liberties and the sanctity and the dignity of individuals, can we come through this situation we find ourselves in at the moment, and that can never be done by asking people to compile lists and in the same sentence hanging them."

He concluded by telling protesters that they "must not become the same thing" as they're trying to fight against.