UK housing crisis is 'a stain on our humanity,' Maajid Nawaz insists

28 February 2021, 16:07

By Seán Hickey

'Evil' intentions have led to homeless deaths spiking despite thousands of properties lying idle across the country, according to Maajid Nawaz.

Following the news that the deaths of homeless people has increased by more than a third in the past year, Maajid Nawaz told listeners that there are enough empty properties in the UK to fill a city the size of Oxford. He called out what he saw as a disgrace.

"I promise you that your grandchildren will look at this time and wonder how on earth where there are people on the streets dying when we had empty homes that could fill the city of Oxford."

He accepted that "right now in our current reality you can explain it away," but we should not look for excuses for the problem, we should find solutions.

"It's a problem, and it's evil. It's evil to live among this situation where this happens right before our eyes."

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Maajid clarified that "a disregard for human life must be what evil means," and that is all he can assess the situation at present as.

Reeling through the years, Maajid went back to the days of globalisation where inequality shot up and it then became commonplace "to stash your money" in "the London property market."

He reminded listeners that the estimate of empty properties filling the city of Oxford is conservative, as "the definition of an empty home is when it isn't furnished."

"It's a stain on our humanity and intolerable that we've got homeless people dying on our streets with this kind of wealth inequality in our country with this number of homes lying empty"