Maajid Nawaz: 'You don't believe in your own rules, so why should we?'

7 August 2021, 14:32

By Seán Hickey

This is Maajid Nawaz's ferocious attack on Boris Johnson for skipping self-isolation rules while the public must obey them.

"Boris Johnson's decided, yet again, not to go into self isolation," Maajid Nawaz began, going on to note that Business Secretary Alok Sharma has also dodged Covid-19 rules after arriving back in the UK from six red-list countries.

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"The rest of us by the way, face 10,000 fines if we behave like that."

Maajid issued a dilemma to Government: "You can't even stick to the rules yourselves, isn't it about time you've all admitted that this is nothing but safety theatre? You don't even believe in the rules yourself."

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"You don't believe in your own rules. So why should we believe in them?"

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He went on to stress that the British public's patience is wearing thin: "One thing that really irks the British public is unfairness, because the British public has a great sense of fairness."

"When you behave like this government, it becomes obvious that you don't believe in the rules yourselves."

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He maintained the argument that if policymakers nonchalantly flout restrictions, "why should we stick to them?"