Veteran caller pledges spare room to Afghans fleeing Taliban regime

28 August 2021, 15:29

By Seán Hickey

This caller, who lost both his son and nephew due to the war in Afghanistan, tells LBC he will house refugees fleeing the country.

Maajid Nawaz was speaking to a former soldier about the disastrous NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan when the caller told him that he wants to house refugees from the nation.

"A lot of veterans will be thinking to themselves 'come live with me, I'll feed you, I'll clothe you'" Tim told Maajid.

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He went on to say he is open to housing "anybody in that situation who are so so desperate. It must be tragic."

"My stepsister and her husband, they walk upstairs and there's a spare bedroom there as well." He added. "Their 19 year old boy got killed in Afghanistan."

He went on to reveal that his son "last year took his own life" after suffering mentally after a stint in Afghanistan.

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He took aim at politicians who he accused of sitting behind their desks and putting "our family, my son, my nephew into harm's way."

Tim noted that he was so ashamed about the situation that he will leave his medals at the cenotaph this year.

"I just hope the politicians concerned realise what they've done and what this is going to mean," he said.

"I go upstairs and I see that spare bedroom and think, you know, I could put a couple in there and there's a spare room for a little kid."

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He concluded by telling Maajid that he wouldn't be the only one to show such compassion to these refugees.

"There are veterans like me that would house you tomorrow. You're our brothers and sisters."