Maajid Nawaz: Continual lockdowns would be caused by 'an addiction of power'

17 July 2021, 17:13

By Tim Dodd

Maajid Nawaz hits out at the 'never ending' reasons he believes the government will use to support future lockdowns.

Maajid began by saying: "You will - and take it from me - continue to hear new reasons for why lockdowns must remain.

"Even after so-called 'freedom day' on Monday, you will continue to hear, coming into the winter, whether it's because of new variants, now the delta variant... now we're talking about the Beta variant, and now we're saying flu, we'll perhaps have to lockdown to contain the flu - this is never ending.

"Remember initially it was to protect the NHS, and then it was 'just a circuit breaker', then 'get the first jab', once you've had the first jab we can unlock, then it was no, no it has to be two jabs."

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Maajid continued: "Then suddenly it was all the children need to be jabbed, 'oh we need zero Covid', and now it's to stop the flu.

"At the end of the day, if you can't see the goalposts keep on changing whilst the key people at the top, some of the most senior people making these rules haven't even stuck to them themselves.

"The [former] Health Secretary], Matt Hancock, before him Dominic Cummings, the chief of staff, to test his eyesight.

"You've got to start thinking to yourselves, this is no longer about whatever the latest reason is to maintain the lockdown but clearly some people are addicted to the power."

Maajid was referring to the resignation of Matt Hancock after he was caught kissing a close aide in breach of coronavirus restrictions.

In April last year, Boris Johnson's former aide Dominic Cummings committed a "minor breach" of lockdown rules when he drove to Barnard Castle on April 12 to test his eyesight.