Matt Hancock fiasco pushed me to resign, NHS worker tells LBC

26 June 2021, 15:47

By Seán Hickey

This caller reveals he will quit the NHS on Monday as a result of Matt Hancock's 'lying and cheating.'

Adam from Bolton told Maajid Nawaz that "after seeing this video and seeing the antics" of Health Secretary Matt Hancock, he cannot work for Mr Hancock in the NHS anymore.

He told Maajid that he had "been working in the NHS since 2008" and "gave up investment banking to give back to people."

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"Having seen this, this is just too much. You've had Boris Johnson cheating and lying throughout and he's still in power; you've had Dominic you've got the Health Secretary"

He said that the scandal surrounding the Health Secretary has only added to a low public morale: "Forget about him leaving or being sacked – which has to happen, the public confidence is on its knees already."

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He wondered "why are we still following this Government" while they ride wave after wave of criticism. The caller attacked Sir Keir Starmer and argued "he should be jumping all over this."

Maajid told the caller that "we've heard nothing" from the Labour leader so far, adding that "the silence from Keir Starmer is shocking."

The NHS worker said that the opposition have been "offered open goal after open goal and not really taken any of those opportunities up."

"I cannot work if this man is leading our amazing NHS there is absolutely no way I would work for him in any capacity so, I've drafted a resignation letter and I'll be handing it in on Monday."