Natasha Devon's fiery row with caller following Cummings' resignation

15 November 2020, 12:48

Natasha Devon in heated row with caller over Cummings legacy

By Seán Hickey

This is the moment Natasha Devon ended up in a heated debate with a caller over the legacy of the PM's chief adviser.

James phoned in to tell LBC that "Dominic Cummings has been a sort of, stand up for democracy," and his departure from Downing Street marks a surrender to people going against the democratic process.

The caller told Natasha Devon that without Mr Cummings, he is "quite frankly worried about the future of Brexit."

Natasha countered James, arguing that many Brexit voters did not vote for the deal the Government is currently negotiating. "The fact is, in 2016 a majority of people voted for Brexit," the caller insisted.

The caller went on to list what the UK is set to gain following EU withdrawal, to which Natasha Devon wondered why he was "ringing a national radio station and saying things you have zero evidence for."

She went back to the topic of Dominic Cummings, reminding James that none of us elected the PM's adviser, yet he "has had a huge hand on government policy."

James insisted that the country knew Dominic Cummings would be chief adviser when they voted for Boris Johnson, adding that "every time we vote for prime minister we should be voting for advisers as well."

You can watch the full fiery debate above.