Here we go again (again)

17 June 2017, 20:45 | Updated: 17 June 2017, 20:49


Labour's Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has a dream.

His dream is that the union-organised march on Parliament next month will turn into a mass protest of a million people on the streets for the purposes of ousting the Maybot.

It just keeps getting worse doesn't it Mrs M?

How's that whole snap election turning out for you?

John McDonnell believes that direct action is needed to engineer the Government’s downfall.

I'm not sure about that.

The government seem to be doing a pretty good job of organising their own downfall.

If he waits a while, they will oblige by doing themselves in.

The Conservatives feigned outrage at the mention of a march. They called the notion undemocratic and accused him of trying to gain power through mob rule.

Apparently that is much worse than trying to keep a grip on power by cosying up to terrorist sympathising, religious fundamentalists who managed just 0.3% of the national vote.

McDonnell called for a ‘national demonstration’ in support of Labour’s manifesto.

He will be lucky. Like all manifestos, no-one read it. I bet the people that wrote it didn't read it.

I bet if I offered you a million pounds you wouldn't be able to tell me what is in it off the top of your head.*

*(Million pounds not available, see terms and conditions, do not operate heavy machinery, always read the label).

There will be an anti-austerity event on July 1, weather permitting.

It is planned to end with a march on Parliament, and should get there just moments before our hard working law makers break from their travails for the Summer Recess, which takes in much of July, all of August and a good deal of September.

Labour's John MacDonald has cleared his schedule of all shouting engagements and is going to be there. He wants you to be there too, to ‘keep the momentum going’ to force an early election.

Another election!

Don't tell Brenda from Bristol, she'll have a cow.

The Tories are in a bind because they do not have an overall majority. They used to, but then Mrs M had her wizard idea and that went up in smoke.

Labour, expecting to get a drubbing, emerged simultaneously the losers and the winners, which is a neat trick to pull off, even though they can't claim much credit.

It was Mother Theresa that failed, rather than Uncle Jezza that succeeded. He just sounded good by comparison.

It is that result that has emboldened John McDonnell to say, ‘The Labour Party should have the same right to put policies forward in Parliament, to be properly debated and voted upon and to legislate as well.’

That seems fair - the British people did not vote for the Democratic Unionist Party, so their wishes should not be agreed to ahead of the wishes of the 60% of the population that did not vote either Tory or the DUP.

The Conservatives polled 42.4% of the votes, the DUP 0.3%.

Labour polled 40%, their happy bedfellows might be the SNP, Lib Dems, Plaid Cymru and the Greenies who together polled 52.5%.

McDonald said, ‘We need people doing everything they can to ensure the election comes as early as possible.'

What a prospect.

I don't mind the actual voting part, it gets you out the house. It's all the politicking that precedes it that I can't stand.

I wonder what catchphrase the geniuses at Tory high command are going to come up with next time.

Can we say we are sick of hearing it now, to save time later?