The A-Z of 2017. A,B,C

25 December 2017, 21:20 | Updated: 30 December 2017, 20:37



A-Z 2017

He dominated the news so much, I thought I would highlight that: (T) means those things that concern Trump




Gregg Allman, rocker, Allman Brothers Band

Aadvark from Regent's Park Zoo

Adam West, actor, Batman

Alessandro Alessandroni, spaghetti western musician

Roger Ailes, Fox News head (T)

Brian Aldiss, author


ABC – last cinema closed

American divorcee to marry British royalty

Austerity (again)

A&E waiting times

Alternative facts (T)

Australia approves same-sex marriage

Jane Austin £10 note

Artificial Intelligence

“Ancient Orange” my name for (T)

Aircraft carrier leaks

Dianne Abbott's arithmetic

Acid attacks

Austria gets a far-right president

Astronomers find half of missing matter in universe

Apple's £1000 phone

Apple’s new spaceship campus

Julian Assange

Abortion Act 50th anniversary

Antifa (T)


Airlander 10, airship that looks like a giant bottom crashes

Alternative for Germany wins 13% of election vote

Alt-right (T)

Atlas, back flipping robot

Airbags on lampposts, Salzburg smartphone zombies protected

Adele confirms marriage

Affordable housing

America First (T)

Alabama Senate race (T)

Aragog, lookalike spider named after Harry Potter monster

Asthma medication and British cycling

Aung San Suu Kyi, loses shine

Jacinda Ardern wins New Zealand election

Article 50

Aleppo, fall of

Alaska, oil drilling allowed in wildlife refuge (T)





Walter Becker, rocker, Steely Dan

Brucie – Bruce Forsyth, entertainer

Chuck Berry, rock 'n' roller

Rodney Bewes, Likely Lad

Keith Barron, actor

Michael Bond, Paddington Bear author

Ian Brady, Moors murderer

Chuck Barris, Gong Show TV host, CIA assassin (?)

Leon Bernicoff, Goggleboxer

Hywell Bennett, actor

Chester Bennington, rocker, Linkin Park

Roy Barraclough, Coronation Street

Geoffrey Bayldon, Catweazle

Leo Baxendale, cartoonist Bash St Kids

William Peter Blatty, author, Exorcist

Gilbert Baker, artist, rainbow flag

Dee Boyle, rocker, Longpigs

Anthony Booth, actor, Till Death Us Do Part



Blackamoor brooch worn by Princess Michael

Brown cows – 10% of Americans think that's where chocolate milk comes from

Boris Becker bankrupt

Breitbart (T)

Steve Bannon (T)

Burnley FC smallest team in Premiership, seventh at Christmas

Big Ben stops chiming

Borough Market terrorist attack

Boeing v Bombardier

Michel Barnier

Britain First


Balfour Declaration 100th anniversary

Badger cull

Scott Baldwin pets a lion

Bubonic plague in Madagascar

Bank Levy cut

British Airways' computer meltdown

Brenda from Bristol reacts to snap election

Bumpstock for rifles

Richard Branson caught in hurricane

Richard Branson’s Virgin Care sues NHS

Banksy’s Walled Off Hotel + identity discovered?

Bathmophobia – Trump afraid of stairs (T)

“Boris bus” scrapped

Bee colony collapse disorder

Blade Runner sequel

Blue passport

Blue Planet II

British Airways IT failure

Beyonce has twins

Brazil nut shortage

Kevin de Bruyne, best midfielder in the world?

Brakeless bike crashes

Alec Baldwin spoofs Trump on SNL (T)

Bowling Green massacre, fiction told by Kellyanne Conway defending Muslim travel ban (T)

Berlin NYE “safe zone” for women





David Cassidy, singer

Keith Chegwin (Cheggers goes pop)

Glen Cambell, singer

Max Clifford, PR

Holger Czukay, rocker, Can

Chris Cornell, rocker, Soundgarden

Larry Coryell, jazzer

Antonio Carluccio, chef


Coughing – Theresa May's Conference fiasco

Catalonia independence referendum

Jeremy Corbyn goes to Glastonbury

Cladding on tower blocks

California fires

“Covfefe” (T)

Charlottesville far right rally (T)

Cassini spacecraft crashed into Saturn

Crimewatch axed

Crimes that no longer warrant police response

Peter Capaldi exits Dr Who

Cashless society


Climate change

Coal free energy day – UK's first since 1880's

“Clean” coal (T)


Kellyanne Conway (T)

Credit card debt

“Cheesegrater” building sold to Chinese

Cambridge Analytica and Brexit and Trump (T)

Canada 150 years old

Curry button on Indian washing machines

Cadburys replace Fudge bar in selection box

Dany Cotton, first female Commissioner, London Fire Brigade

Chocolate cake, “most beautiful” fed to President Xi while bombing Syria (T)

Nick Clegg Knighthood announced

Curb Your Enthusiasm returns

James Comey, FBI Director fired (T)

Confederate statues and flags (T)

Jeremy Clarkson catches pneumonia

“Coalition of chaos”

China accused of selling oil to N Korea, despite sanctions

Bill Cosby sex assault case ends in mistrial

Cancer diagnosis scanners in supermarket car parks

Curtsey, Meghan Markle

CNN, constant attacks by (T)

Hayden Cross, UK's first pregnant man