Caller slams Nigel Farage's "disgraceful" behaviour in the EU cabinet

29 January 2020, 21:16

This caller slammed Nigel Farage for his behaviour in the European Parliament today and called him an "absolute disgrace."

Just hours after making a dramatic final speech as MEP in the European Parliament, this caller Sam said Nigel's words and actions disrespected "every person there and the 500 million people they represent".

Nigel defended his comments, saying he "loves Europe" but "hates the European Union".

"Alright, I admit it, I hate the European Union. I believe it to be anti-democratic and I think it's a bad structure," explained Nigel.

The caller responded by saying Mairead McGuinnes, who was chairing the historic debate, "did absolutely the right thing to intervene and put you in your place."

Nigel said he was glad she did and took the opportune moment to leave the EU cabinet, waving his flag.

MEPs voted in just 30 seconds to overwhelming back the UK's exit from the European Union. The Parliament voted 621 to 49 - a majority of 572 - to support Boris Johnson's Brexit deal, in a majority victory for the Prime Minister and the Conservative Party.

The vote confirmed that the UK will leave the the European Union on 31 January - just two days' time.