Caller tells Nigel Farage: "We need lockdown exit strategy as UK's had uncertainty since Brexit"

15 April 2020, 19:08

By Fiona Jones

This caller told Nigel Farage that the government must be open with the public about a lockdown exit strategy to "give people hope" as we've had uncertainty since the start of Brexit in 2016.

Sir Keir Starmer told LBC that the government must tell the UK how they will achieve a lockdown exit strategy.

Caller Daniel agreed with the Labour leader and said we need an exit strategy to "give people some sort of hope."

"Everyday they...robotically come out with the same old nonsense, the media just ask the same old question, they don't answer the question. I know they're winging it but at the end of the day they need to give people hope."

Daniel observed that Britain has been in an extremely uncertain times since the beginning of Brexit in 2016: "It's not healthy for the British psyche. We need some sort of understanding of where this is going to go."

He believed Prime Minister Boris Johnson is "riding two horses" and must decide which is more important, the economy or peoples' lives.

Nigel countered that, "We can start to ease this and start to get some normality back in business and maintain social distancing. I don't think it's necessarily as start a choice as that."

Michel Barnier and chief negotiator David Frost had Brexit discussions today in order to set out key dates for weeklong negotiations.

The government has announced they will not seek an extension.