Farage On Easter Egg Row: Secularism Is On The Rise In Britain

4 April 2017, 20:17 | Updated: 4 April 2017, 20:52

In the wake of a huge row involving Cadbury, the National Trust and Easter eggs, Nigel Farage argues secularism is on the rise in Britain.

Theresa May described the apparent decision to drop the word “Easter” from the forthcoming egg hunts as “absolutely ridiculous”.

Cadbury said Easter appeared on much of its packaging and marketing, while the National Trust added it was not playing down the Christian festival.

Although Nigel accepted the story may have been slightly over-egged, he was hasten to add the reaction proved Britain was moving towards a secular state.

Speaking on his nightly LBC show from Strasbourg, Nigel said: "We are a Christian country whether listeners you like it or not, we have a Christian Constitution.

"I'm speaking to you from France which of course is a secular state but we have a Christian state, the Queen of course being Defender of the Faith and the head of our national church, the Church of England.

"So secularists out there, if you really want to move us to being a secular society we will need to change our Constitution and whoever succeeds the Queen whenever that's going to be would have to take a very different indeed."

Watch the video in full above.