Frustrated Brexit Voter Tells Nigel Farage: “I’m Angry With You!”

24 July 2018, 20:27 | Updated: 24 July 2018, 20:38

This Leave voter is fed up with how Theresa May is handling Brexit, but he’s also angry with Nigel Farage - for letting it become a “shambles”.

Bradley phoned LBC after the Prime Minister announced she was taking personal control of the negotiations with the European Union.

It’s led to claims that the new Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab had been sidelined in his role.

And the news was the final straw for this passionate LBC caller.

Nigel Farage came under fire from a Brexit supporter on Wednesday
Nigel Farage came under fire from a Brexit supporter on Wednesday. Picture: LBC

Bradley told Nigel: “What I’m most angry about, is I’m angry with you!

“You’re the person that started this, quite rightly because I agree with you, but they have made a shambles of it.

“You’ve just made a comment about ‘why doesn’t someone stand up and put themselves forward’ - well you should be doing that!”

Nigel said he couldn't intervene because he’s not a Conservative.

He also added that he had already offered his help to senior Brexit-support Tories, but it was rejected.

Bradley wasn't satisfied though, as he hit back again: “You’re happy to sit here after leading this campaign, you’re happy to sit there and watch Mrs May and everybody else making a shambles of it.”

Watch Nigel Farage’s response in full above.