Heathrow Airport gave absolutely no recognition of coronavirus, caller told Nigel Farage

21 April 2020, 20:52 | Updated: 21 April 2020, 20:54

This caller shocked Nigel Farage when she said she wasn't even greeted by a coronavirus information leaflet, let alone a temperature test, when she flew into Heathrow Airport yesterday.

Scarlett travelled through Heathrow airport yesterday. She works offshore so had been stuck working at sea for the last two and a half months as the Caribbean islands she was nearest had closed their borders.

"Every single point of my journey from Trinidad to Guyana to Miami to Heathrow, I was temperature tested at every single one except Heathrow.

"I just walked through with my two colleagues who both had British passports," she said, "one of them lives in South Africa, the other one lives in Thailand, both with families they cannot reach because their borders are hard closed."

She told Nigel her company is supporting them all to self-isolate now they are back in the UK.

"I was not greeted by anyone at all," Scarlett said, "it was a very eerie experience, you just walk through the airport, walk to your hire car, as if it's a normal procedure just minus the thousands of people that are usually there."

She confirmed to Nigel there was no leaflets or information at all about the global pandemic.

By contrast, when she flew into Miami they were distanced by two metres and temperature checked as soon as they stepped off the plane.

"I'm very shocked not only at the airport but our response as a country," she said, sharing that as she works with colleagues from all over the world they will have to do a mandatory quarantine when they return home.

"I was the only person from my company that didn't have to do mandatory quarantine upon my home destination and I think that says something."

Heathrow Airport were contacted for comment and did not respond by time of publication.