Moment Man Who Entered Britain Illegally Phoned Nigel Farage

25 April 2018, 20:17 | Updated: 25 April 2018, 20:36

This is the moment a man who came to Britain illegally phoned Nigel Farage to try and change his stance on illegal immigration.

Arthur arrived in the UK from Armenia back in 2000 and for 10 years lived and worked under the radar.

The conversation was sparked after Boris Johnson repeated his call for an amnesty for some illegal immigrants.

The Foreign Secretary first suggested this when he was Mayor of London in 2008 and then again in 2016.

Nigel said it sent out a message that Britain is a “soft touch”.

But now a British citizen, Arthur, from St Albans, attempted to change his mind.

Nigel Farage
Picture: LBC

“Britain has always been one of the best countries,” he said.

“The people are very famous for forgiving and tolerating.

“In my case I came in 2000 illegally.”

After a gasp from Nigel, Arthur explained he entered as a qualified dentist.

But he couldn’t practice his profession until he eventually got his citizenship in 2010.

And he says he’s story is not an isolated case.

“I know lots of illegal immigrants, they’re working and are paying taxes,” Arthur continued.

“I know doctors who are working as porters in hotels because they can’t get the papers they need.”

Watch the video above to see Nigel Farage’s reaction.