Michael Portillo Tells Nigel Farage: Nothing In My Political Career Compares To Brexit Chaos

17 March 2019, 11:26 | Updated: 17 March 2019, 13:41

Michael Portillo has said that nothing in his political career compares to the last few weeks in British politics, adding that it was the "sort of chaos that occurs every half century".

The former Tory Cabinet Minister told Nigel Farage that he found the politics of the last two weeks "deeply interesting" and was "the sort of chaos that occurs every half century".

"Is it to be the case that you can have a three-line whip that members of the cabinet will disobey, yet remain members of the government?" he said.

Mr Portillo also said that he did not believe the Prime Minister's deal would gain enough support to pass through Parliament in a third 'meaningful vote', noting the importance of DUP votes in its support.

"The position of the DUP is extremely important, it's not just the votes that the DUP have it's also that quite a lot of Conservative MPs feel bound to show solidarity with the DUP

"So if the DUP came across, that would bring many more votes than just the DUP votes.

"For instance, I'm pretty sure Jacob Rees-Mogg would be voting for the deal if the DUP were on board - but that's still a very big if, I'm not too sure the DUP can be brought across."

- Michael Portillo: Theresa May Will Lose Third Meaningful Vote