Nigel Farage: Theresa May Is On Her Last Notice

16 October 2017, 20:29 | Updated: 16 October 2017, 20:38

Theresa May could face a leadership challenge as early as this weekend if she offers further concessions to the EU, Nigel Farage has said.

Broadcasting from Los Angeles, the LBC presenter said if the Prime Minister looked as if she was still “prepared to appease” the bloc - some within the Conservative ranks would move to topple her.

It’s as Mrs May travelled to Brussels to meet Michel Barnier and Jean-Claude Juncker in a bid to break the Brexit deadlock.

But being left less than impressed with the Prime Minister’s progress on leaving the EU so far, Nigel warned there would be consequences if she returned from the summit on Friday with more concessions.

Branding her “Theresa the Appeaser”, Nigel said: “I think she's been really, really weak and poor and I think she's on her last notice.”

Watch Nigel's take above.