Nigel Farage’s Epic Response To Listener Who Calls Him “Racist”

19 December 2017, 20:02 | Updated: 19 December 2017, 20:06

When a listener branded Nigel Farage a “racist” for speaking out against open-door immigration, the outspoken LBC presenter’s response was epic.

On Tuesday the Cabinet met to discuss the government’s plan for Brexit.

It lasted an hour and 45 minutes in total, but the issue of open borders was not mentioned once.

The revelation left Nigel furious as he accused ministers of “ignoring” the will of the people.

“It was the biggest single issue of getting people to vote in the referendum,” he said broadcasting from Washington DC.

But, his outrage prompted this listener to get in touch, who tweeted: “Free movement of people is good for everyone and the economy just not good for racists like you.

“Stop trying to convince simple minds foreigners are bad”.

Nigel Farage
Picture: LBC

Nigel wasn’t going to let that lie as he offered up a stinging response.

He thundered: “Those of us that argue for controlled immigration whereby we control the quantity and yes the quality in terms of whether people have got criminal records, whether they can speak the language, whether they've got skills and trades to bring to the country that will benefit society.

“The counter-argument is to scream 'you're all racists'.

“Well let me tell you, who ever sent that tweet, you are in a very, very small minority because what polling shows is that three-quarters plus of our population want sensible immigration controls and the Brexit vote was about doing that and right now frankly the politicians are simply ignoring it.”