Nigel Farage's First Response To The Controversial Andrew Marr Interview On BBC

13 May 2019, 14:21 | Updated: 13 May 2019, 14:30

Nigel Farage has explained the reason he was so angry with the Andrew Marr interview on the BBC on Sunday.

The Brexit Party leader was involved in an angry confrontation on air with Mr Marr when he was asked about comments he made 10 years ago on wanting to privatise the NHS.

He said in the interview: "This is absolutely ludicrous. I’ve never in my life seen a more ridiculous interview than this. You are not prepared to talk about what is going on in this country today. You’re in denial, the BBC is in denial, the Tory and Labour parties are in denial."

During an online Q&A session with LBC's Theo Usherwood, Nigel explained why he was so frustrated by Mr Marr's line of questioning.

He said: "We are essentially taxed on the BBC. £150 a year goes to the BBC, the licence fee. People like Andrew Marr get £400-grand a year from these people's money.

"You've got a brand new political movement that's come from nothing and is leading the polls. I would have thought on the first big interview on TV, it might be interesting to find out how and why that has happened, who the candidates were.

Nigel Farage spoke to Theo Usherwood in an online Q&A
Nigel Farage spoke to Theo Usherwood in an online Q&A. Picture: LBC

"I'm more than prepared to accept every criticism of people we've got, of disputes that may occur in the future between people on the left or the right. All of that would have been fair game.

"To come up with a series of half-quotes from things that I said up to 10 years ago that have no direct relevance to what's happening next Thursday... we have a national election next Thursday and they refused to talk about it. That's my complaint.

"I have never before in 20 years in politics taken the attitude that I took yesterday, not once.

"It was bizarre that that ludicrous line of questioning persisted all the way though.

"The idea was to use up all the time talking about irrelevances and inaccuracies, rather than talking about a major election taking place next Thursday. That's why I took the attitude that I did."