WATCH: David Davis exposes the dangers of Huawei controlling the UK 5G network

23 February 2020, 12:47

Nigel was joined in studio by the former Brexit Secretary who outlined the danger of Huawei developing the UK's 5G network.

David Davis joined Nigel in studio to reveal the risks of allowing Huawei into our 5G network.

The concerns of the former Brexit Secretary were echoed by Nigel who made sure to stress that Huawei operate under the eye of the Chinese Communist Party.

"5G is going to underpin every aspect of our lives" Mr. Davis put. He said the power of the technology will operate within everything from medical prescriptions to downloading films.

Showing his concern, the MP for Haltemprice and Howden believed it dangerous for a Chinese company to have effective control over the British internet networks. He believes "to be absolutely sure, we should have it all made in a democracy".

Huawei are leading the way in 5G technology
Huawei are leading the way in 5G technology. Picture: PA

Davis went further to point out that the networks should be implemented and controlled by a home company. The potential of having control of such a utility is "Information not even an ally should have".

The former minister also made the case for Australia, who have investigated the joining up with China for their own 5G network. They had two main questions- if they had control of the Chinese systems "how much damage could we do and could we be stopped".

Mr. Davis told Nigel that the Australians found out that if an enemy country had control of another's 5G, there would be no way to stop them dealing serious damage to the services of the place and the lives of its people, assuring skepticism over the PMs decision to work with Huawei.