Rachel Johnson urges 'amnesty' over Covid fines to 'draw a line' under the issue

22 May 2022, 20:18

'The public will not move on until an amnesty is declared!'

By James Bickerton

Rachel Johnson has urged the Government to introduce an "amnesty" over fines issued for Covid lockdown breaches, though she added those in Whitehall should "pay their fines" as they "made the rules".

Sue Gray is expected to release her report, covering lockdown breaking Downing Street parties, next week.

Boris Johnson, who has been fined £50 for one breach by the Metropolitan Police, has apologised for his actions but has said he won't step down as PM.

Speaking on her LBC show Rachel said: "I just think the public will not move on, and it won't be closed as a topic, until an amnesty is declared on all these lockdown fines.

She added "of course I expect everybody in Whitehall to pay their fines" as "those who made the rules must pay the fines that have been issued".

Later on the programme Rachel reiterated her argument, stating: "If I was in charge I would pay back all the fines that have been issued to the homeless, to the students, to the traders, to the people who had business meetings in their pubs, all of it.

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"That is the only way the country can move on."

The Metropolitan Police announced their investigation into Whitehall lockdown breaches had concluded on Thursday, with a total of 126 fines issued.

Separately, police in Durham are investigating Sir Keir Starmer over an alleged lockdown breach during a campaigning event last year.

The Labour leader denies any wrongdoing, and has vowed to resign if he receives a fine over his actions.