European Super League 'is done', says sports lawyer, as clubs withdraw

20 April 2021, 20:47 | Updated: 20 April 2021, 20:49

Sports lawyer: European Super League 'is done' as 4 clubs set to leave

By Fiona Jones

The European Super League 'is done', says sports lawyer and adviser Grahame Shear, as Chelsea and Manchester City are set to withdraw.

Two of England's top club are preparing to leave the proposed European Super League following a furious backlash from fans, players and politicians.

It comes just two days after the proposal, which could change the structure of football forever and has led to widespread condemnation from fans, was confirmed by clubs.

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich is understood to have driven the decision, having listened to fan protests and opted to withdraw from the new European league plans.

Reports tonight also state that Manchester City have withdrawn from the plans too, however did not provide comment.

Sports lawyer and adviser Grahame Shear told LBC he doesn't think the concept of a super league is all over however "this chapter in the saga is coming to an end quite rapidly."

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He said, "I think the way in which clubs have been traditionally financed and the intervention of the pandemic, which had really drastic impacts last year, mean that the clubs are having to look at how they're going to be financed and how they're going to expand, and what return they'll have on their investment in the future."

Mr Shear continued that European clubs have been influenced by American owners who are "used to the franchise system" and they've "imported" this in to the European theatre.

He said that some of the fan outrage at the new league is "about timing", positing that if it had been presented in the early part of the pandemic as a way to salvage the disruption Covid had caused to the game, then it may be more "digestible" to the public.

"The way it's been presented has been pretty disastrous."

Rachel asked whether this project is buried for good, to which Mr Shear replied, "This particular type of administration? Yes I think it's done."

In Spain, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid are also said to be stepping down from the plans for the breakaway competition.

Additionally, there are also reports that Ed Woodward has resigned as chairman of Manchester United over fan outcry about the Super League.