'People have bodily sovereignty': Rachel Johnson declares 'pro-choice' jab stance

30 January 2022, 21:37

Rachel Johnson outlines 'pro-choice' jab stance

By Tim Dodd

Rachel Johnson weighed on the 'no jab no job' deadline for NHS staff this Thursday, saying she was "pro-choice" as there is "such a thing as bodily sovereignty".

Patient-facing NHS staff and frontline social care staff must have their first jabs by February 3 to make sure they are fully vaccinated by April 1.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid has said it is the "professional duty" of every health and social care worker to get vaccinated ahead of the new rules.

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Rachel said: "I think that I'm pro-choice on this.

"A lot of me thinks to myself, this is causing such disruption and fuss, just get the vaccine... and if I was going to lose my job, I think I'd probably roll my sleeve up.

"But I also think there is such a thing as bodily sovereignty.

"And the jury is out in terms of the data - as some consultants have been spelling out - in terms of how protected are you by the virus from having had it, and how protected are you by the vaccine."

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