Andrew Bridgen: Britain needs a PM 'who makes better decisions'

30 January 2022, 09:32

Andrew Bridgen: 'I want someone who makes better decisions'

By Seán Hickey

The backbench Tory MP stands by his calls for Boris Johnson to resign, adding that he questions the leadership ability of all potential replacements of the PM.

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Andrew Bridgen MP joined Iain Dale to address the impending cost of living crisis, as the Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Boris Johnson announced that proposed rises to National Insurance contributions will go ahead.

The prominent leave campaigner made the case that such rises would have never been needed if Plan B measures were never introduced before Christmas. Iain argued that tax rises could contribute to the levelling-up agenda for constituencies like his own.

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"I tell you what levelling up isn't, and that's when we find out that Boris Johnson and the people around him at Number 10 have been able to do what they wanted during lockdowns while the rest of us were doing what we were told." Mr Bridgen fumed.

Iain wondered if there was anything Boris Johnson could do for the Tory MP to withdraw his letter from the 1922 Committee calling for Boris Johnson to resign.

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Mr Bridgen said that he commended the PM for stripping Plan B measures, but if they weren't put in in the first place there would be no need for tax hikes.

"We can't have those opportunities back, unfortunately", he said, adding that he wants "someone who makes better decisions" to replace Boris Johnson.

He hit out at the potential leadership challenges from government front benchers: "There are people in the cabinet now who think they're leadership contenders well, leadership is not letting the Prime Minister acting in the way they have for some considerable time."

He concluded by hitting out at Tory MPs reluctant to call for the PM's resignation. "Nobody's willing to make a stand", he told Iain.