Sangita Myska schools caller who brands migrants 'criminals'

14 November 2022, 15:22

Sangita Myska schools this caller who brands migrants as 'criminals'.

By Hannah Holland

Sangita Myska is forced to "fact-check" this caller's offensive claims after he echoes the Home Secretary's rhetoric, likening migration to "an invasion".

George in Milton Keynes called in to express his outrage: “We’re diagnosing the problem wrongly - this is nothing to do with migration, legal or otherwise. This is pure criminality!”

This comes after the UK and France have signed a revised deal whereby the UK will shell out £8 million more a year to try to stop people crossing the Channel in small boats.

The Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, who said the country is facing an "invasion" from people crossing the Channel, has come under fire for her divisive immigration plans.

George told Sangita: “Every single one of these people that have come across the Channel or in the back of a lorry have conspired with criminals by paying them money.”

“Oh for goodness sake, George”, Sangita responded, before asking: “You’re not going to tell me it’s an invasion are you?”

“Of course it is an invasion”, George fired back.

He added: “When will we wake up? These are criminals, they have broken our law.”

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'How big a problem do you think you are?'

Sangita insisted “they haven’t broken any laws”, before proceeding to “fact-check” George’s statements.

“You will not be breaking the law unless you’ve gone through the asylum system and you are then deemed to be in fact, an illegal immigrant”, she explained.

She continued: “The whole problem is, you can’t get through the system because it’s taking more than a year to get through it.”

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After citing that only 4% of asylum claims were processed last year, Sangita unveiled a list of figures from the Home Office, pertaining to the successful percentages of asylum claims from different countries.

“Albanian - you know, the people that Suella Braverman wants to demonise with the word invasion, 53% of them were granted asylum.”

Additionally, she quoted that 85% of applications from Iranians were granted asylum, 51% of applications from Iraqis, 97% from Afghans, 97% of Eritreans and 98% of Syrians.

“So if we’re going to have this conversation, can we base it in fact please George.”

“There may be a tiny minority of people who get into those boats that want to come to this country and they have nefarious intention," she said.

She added: "But every time Suella Braverman says that, she will not tell us what proportion of people in those boats are those nefarious characters.”

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