'We're a laughing stock’: James O’Brien takes aim at UK-France migrant deal

14 November 2022, 13:08

'What a laughing stock we've been turned into by these people!'

By Phoebe Dampare Osei

James O'Brien condemns the British government for being in Brexit denial while having a “personal psychodrama over the arrival of a few thousand people in dinghies”.

The UK and France have struck a deal to prevent migrant Channel crossings, much to the displeasure of James O’Brien.

Suella Braverman signed the deal with her French counterpart Gérald Darmanin, which will see the UK pay £63m to France in attempt to “tackle illegal immigration”, as the Home Secretary put it.

“Did she fly to France in a Chinook helicopter? I don’t know”, James began, referring to the Home Secretary’s £3500 an hour flight to see migrant centres last week.

James went on: “What are the French saying about us right now…are they laughing at us?”

He continued: “Suella Braverman- she’s on a stage with a podium…signing a document we’ve already signed…she’s got somewhat shamefully front page news coverage for it.”

“They’ve shut down all the legal routes, so your racist Uncle Bob will be calling them illegal migrants!” he raged.

“There’s no such thing really as a legal asylum seeker”, James went on.

“We’ve got some legal refugees from Ukraine which proves we can do it if we want to, but do you remember when they had to announce that there was no way of applying to come here in Calais you had to actually make your way to Paris or somewhere else in continental Europe?” he asked his listeners.

“Do you know why that was? It was because if there was a legal way to apply to come here from France, they’d have been queuing up round the block in Calais to do it! But they’re the wrong sort of refugees, they're the brown sort so we can’t have that, they can't come here!” he said.

“So it’s just a mess, it’s a joke”, James continued. “What a laughing stock we’ve been turned into by these people.”
James added that Suella Braverman “has got to save herself”.

This comes after the fallout from sharing private information over a personal email on multiple occasions and being forced to resign from government under Liz Truss as a result.

She came under fire for her re-appointment to the position under Rishi Sunak, and then described a migrant “invasion” of people crossing the Channel.

James said that the deal will encourage the French “to help us to do even less than we do already, which is considerably less than they do.”

“That’s what we’ve become”, he said.

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