‘Never have I seen the government behave in this way!’: Sangita Myska infuriated by attitude towards Covid inquiry

30 May 2023, 18:36

Sangita Myska is infuriated by government's attitude towards the Covid inquiry

By Anna Fox

Sangita Myska has reacted to the upcoming Covid inquiry which demands the unredacted messages of former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, along with diaries and notebooks, are handed over by Thursday.

Reflecting on her time covering various public inquiries, Sangita expressed her frustration at the Covid inquiry stating: “Never, ever, ever have I seen the government behave in this way”.

Continuing she said: “The reason we have public inquiries is to establish the circumstances around which an event that is of great public importance has taken place”.

Detailing the process and point of a public inquiry, Sangita reiterated the importance of abiding by the rules outlined in the inquiry to ensure “transparency” and that “mistakes are not repeated”.

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Posing a question to her listeners Sangita said: “Who is right?

“Is it Baroness Hallett, who is Chair of the Covid inquiry, when she says it's up to her to decide which messages, which diary entries are relevant to a public inquiry?

“Or is it down to the government?”

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Covid inquiry legal battle looms over Johnson WhatsApp requests

Sangita’s comments come after Downing Street denied accusations of a ‘cover-up’ over the release of Boris Johnson's WhatsApp messages to the Covid inquiry.

The inquiry has demanded the release of Boris Johnson’s unredacted WhatsApp messages, along with diaries and notebooks.

The deadline was originally for 4pm on Tuesday but has since been extended to 4pm on Thursday.

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