'People are starting to wake up': Caller tells Sangita that 'trust' in the government is 'already gone'

2 June 2023, 15:03

Caller tells Sangita Myska that "trust" in the government has already gone.
Caller tells Sangita Myska that "trust" in the government has already gone. Picture: LBC

By Georgina Greer

This caller tells Sangita Myska that the Covid-19 Inquiry is a "moot point" as "we are not going to get the result we want."

Emma in Dorset told Sangita Myska that "trust" in the government has already gone amid controversy around the Covid-19 Inquiry.

The government decided on Friday to take legal action to prevent unredacted messages from the period January 2020 to March 2022 from being released to the Inquiry.

Despite former Prime Minister Boris Johnson announcing that he is willing to share his conversations.

Emma began: "We assume that our government is there to keep us safe, it's really a question that we should all be looking at because they're not necessarily doing that."

She continued: "To spend more money on an inquiry when we know we are not going to get the result that we want and when taxpayers are paying for it...it's a moot point now."

"I really think that the trust in the government has gone already whether it be for Conservatives or Labour...people are starting to wake up and realise they do not necessarily have our best interests at heart."

She then said she believes we will never have a "resolution" to the Inquiry.

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Emma went on to say that the "problem" is that "when the next pandemic" comes the general public will not support the government and therefore will "not adhere to the guidelines set out."

Sangita interrupted: "Emma I hope you're wrong, I really hope you're wrong on that."

"I was a great advocate for people sticking to the rules, I stuck to the rules...the country chose to stick by them, we believed in our government we believed in our scientists."

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Sangita then expressed her opposing view to Emma"s: "I actually think if the inquiry was allowed to conduct its business in the way that it should, then we would probably find out that yes, there was a lot of chaos, yes, things did go wrong...but broadly speaking they did get quite a lot of it right, although there is room for improvement."

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Sangita then condemned the government's current behavior, saying that by launching the judicial review against the inquiry they are "undermining public confidence."

She continued: "One of the best things about this country is the separation of powers, that we have an independent judiciary that is separated from the government."

"Because I tell you what, it is that separation, that clear dividing line that means that we have checks and balances within our systems...to ensure that governments do not overstep the mark and when they do they are held to account."

She concluded: "What is really troubling me, and I'm absolutely furious about this, is that this is completely unnecessary because people have already lost faith, why double down on that!"