'Where are you Miss Law and Order?': Sangita Myska calls out Suella Braverman for lack of response to Merseyside riots

11 February 2023, 18:31

Sangita Myska delivers impassioned monologue criticising Home Secretary

By Grace Parsons

Sangita Myska asks where the Home Secretary is amidst the fallout from the protests outside of the Merseyside hotel housing asylum seekers.

Following on from the protests which occurred outside a hotel housing asylum seekers in Merseyside, Sangita Myska called out Suella Braverman for her lack of response to the scenes.

Sangita addressed the Home Secretary directly: "Suella Braverman our Home Secretary, the woman holding one of the greatest offices of state in this country decided to tell the nation that the spectre of the far right is overblown. Really? Is that right Suella? Really?

"And by the way, Ms. Braverman, where are you this morning? Might I ask? Because I find it quite interesting that in the week that you did that you've been rather sluggish, haven't you, in making any kind of statement at all about what we saw yesterday, which was a disgrace."

"Don't tell me that is typical of the people of Liverpool or Merseyside. It is not. What it is typical of is the online radicalisation of people in this country who are fed up with the chronic shortage of funding when it comes to schools or health care or education or myriad other things: Transport, infrastructure.

"What we are seeing is the systematic dehumanisation of a minority of people to explain away a failure of policy. And it's an absolute disgrace!

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Sangita Myska: 'Where are you Miss Law and Order?'

Later on in the show, Sangita called on Mrs Braverman again: "No word from the Home Secretary. This was mob rule, where are you Suella Braverman, where are you Miss Law and Order?

"Because if you're going to crack down on criminals, you might want to think about the people who are trying to attack the police."

A Home Office spokesperson has since said: “The scenes outside the hotel and violence toward police officers last night by a group of people in Merseyside were totally unacceptable.

“We are working closely with Merseyside Police and partners on the ground to ensure the safety of those in our care and the wider community.”

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