Steve Allen In Tears As Barbara Windsor's Husband Tells Of Her Dementia

2 March 2019, 07:27 | Updated: 25 March 2019, 07:48

Barbara Windsor's husband has told LBC of how she sometimes forgets where they live as she battles with dementia.

Steve Allen has been friends with Barbara and her husband Scott Mitchell for years and they spoke for an 'In Conversation With' programme.

And Steve got very emotional as Scott talked of what life is like as Barbara lives with Alzheimer's Disease.

Scott said: "Barbara is not the Barbara that we know and love. She shows flashes of the old Barbara every now and then.

"It's confusing. We went to a friend's house for lunch on Sunday and she was on really good form. Daytimes are much better for her. After lunch, we'd all eaten a lot and someone said 'Maybe we should go for a run with Scott. Well I won't repeat what she said but in no uncertain terms, it was a no! The timing was absolutely incredible.

"And then there's the flip side.

Steve Allen was very emotional speaking to Barbara Windsor's husband Scott Mitchell
Steve Allen was very emotional speaking to Barbara Windsor's husband Scott Mitchell. Picture: LBC

"We went home and within 10 minutes of sitting at home, she looked at me across the sofa and said 'Scott, who lives here?'

"I said 'We're at home, Bar' and she shook her head and looked around. Then she'll see a picture and she'll say 'Have we been here long?'

"There's the reality.

"However those little glimpses come through, I have to remember there's the other side where now her confusion is getting much deeper, especially in the evenings."

A clearly emotional Steve told him: "It's so so sad. You've made me cry today. I don't often cry."

Scott is running the London Marathon on his 56th birthday with eight EastEnders cast members including Adam Woodyatt and Jake Wood. They are Barbara's Revolutionaries and are aiming to raise £100,000 for The Dementia Revolution

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