Stig Abell Dismantles Case Against HIV Drugs

4 December 2016, 17:42 | Updated: 4 December 2016, 18:02

Stig Abell

Stig Abell pulls apart the case against the NHS funding drugs that prevent people contracting HIV in just 60 seconds.

Talking on his LBC show he hit back at the criticism of the NHS funding the PrEP drugs, which can reduce the chances of contracting HIV by over 95%.

“The NHS does precisely this all of the time. It subsidises contraception, gives out free condoms, It gives people the pill and the morning after pill.”

“It recognises that shock horror people have sex and therefore acts to help limit the risk involved in it and if you're against them spending money on this you'd have to be against them spending money on that too.”

“And of course the NHS should spend money on stopping illness happening. There's a reason why there is a cliche, prevention is better than the cure.”

“Prophylactic medicine is the most efficient form of medicine. We see it all the time in stuff the NHS does. Government sponsored anti smoking programs, government sponsored weight loss programs, anti drinking schemes. Nobody says we shouldn’t be spending all your money on cancer drugs today”.

“So this is ten million quid to help to alleviate the risk of HIV. That must be value for money mustn't it.”