Boris Wants To Scrap TPIMs - But Doesn't Know What It Means

3 March 2015, 10:47 | Updated: 26 August 2016, 14:27

Boris Johnson insisted that TPIMs did not work and should be replaced - even though he had no idea what they stood for

The Mayor of London believes that Control Orders need to be brought back to ensure the security services are able to track people they believe to be involved in terrorism.

But when asked by Nick Ferrari that TPIMs actually stand for, Mr Johnson was left stuck for an answer.

He said: "My information from the Met, from the people who look after us, who come to brief me about it, is that they think the TPIM system did have defects."

So Mr Ferrari asked: "What does TPIM stand for Mr Mayor?" The Mayor initially struggled to remember: "Temporary…? I can't remember. Give me it, tell me what it is."

"Shouldn't you know what a TPIM is?" asked Ferrari, leading to Boris replying: "I cannot remember what a TPIM is, but whatever it is, it's inadequate."

At this point Mr Ferrari decided to remind Mr Johnson that it stood for Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measure. Boris reprimanded the LBC presenter for asking "silly, smart aleck questions."

But 20 minutes later, Mr Johnson returned to the issue of control orders - and asked Nick to remind him what TPIM stood for again. "Terrorism Prevention…something measure," was the best the London Mayor could manage.

Ferrari explained TPIM again, adding: "Don't glare at me!" Boris shot back: "I'm not glaring at you. I'm delighted that you've re-elucidated our listeners on this point."