Ask Boris: The New Prime Minister's 10 Most Controversial Moments On LBC

24 July 2019, 08:04 | Updated: 24 July 2019, 08:13

Boris Johnson in the LBC studio
Boris Johnson in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC / PA

As Boris Johnson is set to become the UK's Prime Minister, we look back over the most controversial moments of his LBC phone-in.

Ranging from criticism on the language he used to refusing to answer the questions, Mr Johnson's Ask Boris shows were always must-listen events.

Here are the most remarkable moments from those memorable shows.

1. "Spaffing money up the wall"

The former Foreign Secretary got into trouble when he said that the Met Police were "spaffing money up the wall" by investigating historical child abuse.

2. A caller grills Boris Johnson on the Garden Bridge

As the Garden Bridge project was faltering, this phenomenal call from Michael might have been the final nail in the coffin.

3. Boris can't name the Tories' by-election candidate

Boris Johnson hailed the Conservative candidate for the Clacton by-election. The main problem was that he couldn't actually name him.

4. Boris Johnson refuses to answer the question 26 times

After a picture was released purporting to show Boris Johnson reunited with his girlfriend Carrie Symonds following a row, Nick Ferrari asked when it was taken. And the next Prime Minister tried to avoid answering. Again and again and again.

5. Boris Johnson says he knows more about car manufacturing than Jaguar Land Rover CEO

Who knows more about car manufacturing - Boris or the man who runs Jaguar Land Rover? Boris apparently.

6. When he started talking about hamsters

When Boris Johnson started an analogy involving hamsters, he struggled to find a way out of it.

7. Boris gets the giggles

This is the moment Boris Johnson collapsed into a fit of giggles live on his LBC show.

8. The zip wire

Just what did lead to Boris Johnson getting stuck on a zip wire? This is his hilarious tale behind the famous image.

9. What do his employees actually do?

Boris Johnson hails his Celebrity Ambassadors. But does he know what they actually did?

10. Boris Johnson is speechless for once