Keir Starmer will refuse to go to the World Cup in Qatar because of human rights - even if England get to the final

24 October 2022, 10:54 | Updated: 24 October 2022, 11:05

Keir Starmer and his party wouldn't go to Qatar

By Abbie Reynolds

Sir Keir Starmer said he won't go to the World Cup in Qatar due to the country's appalling human rights record.

Sir Keir has said he and his party will refuse to travel to the soccer showpiece in Qatar - even if England reach the final.

It came this morning on Call Keir with Nick Ferrari, the Leader of the Labour party told LBC that although he is a football fan and would "love to" attend the World Cup Final, he won't.

Nick Ferrari: "If England got to the World Cup Final in Qatar, would you go?"

"No I wouldn't," Sir Starmer started, "I'd love to but I think that the human rights record is such that I wouldn't go and that'll be the position of the Labour party."

The England team heading to Qatar for the World Cup
The England team heading to Qatar for the World Cup. Picture: Alamy

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It has been reported that 6,500 migrant construction workers have died whilst building of the 2022 World Cup stadium in Qatar, drawing attention to he country's problem with labour and workers rights.

In the Arabian country it is illegal to promote or engage in homosexuality and therefore has been scrutinised for its treatment of the LGBTQI+ community as well as women and migrant workers.

There have also been many concerns about the England team wearing rainbow armbands in support of the "One Love" campaign if they make it through the World Cup to play in Qatar - FIFA are yet to decide if they'll ban the notion or not.

Nick Ferrari: "You won't go to any games whatsoever and none of your senior colleagues?"

Keir Starmer was very clear in this response: "No."