Sadiq Khan: Brexit Campaign "Normalised" Racism

30 June 2016, 21:47 | Updated: 16 September 2016, 11:00

During the State of London Debate, Mayor Sadiq Khan opened up about his own experiences of racism and urged people to report any hate crimes they encounter.

Khan told the audience at indigo at the O2 that the EU Referendum campaign had "normalised" attitudes that were "previously unacceptable."

"During the campaign I was saying the hyperbole on both sides, the prophets of doom on both sides, I called it Project Hate not Project Fear.

"A poster showing Syrian refugees fleeing for their lives...with the words 'Breaking Point' a motivation for you to vote to leave the EU.

"My analysis is people think it's OK to be racially abusive. They think it's OK and it's normalised behaviour that previously was unacceptable.

"We as a society have got to say: this is unacceptable."

Khan also spoke out about the racial abuse he himself had suffered in the past and used to urge anyone who suffers to come forward.

"When I was younger, when I was the victim of race crime, I never reported it," said the Mayor. "Never reported it.

"So the message is: please report anything you suffer yourself, or friends or family or neighbours."