Speak To Sadiq: The Best Clips

Sadiq Khan told Maureen pensioners would be charged between 7am and 9am until October

Pensioner confronts Sadiq Khan over removing free travel

3 days ago

On LBC's Speak to Sadiq, the Mayor responded to accusations of failing London

Sadiq Khan's bullish response to caller who says he's failed as a Mayor

3 days ago

James O'Brien spoke to Sadiq Khan about the Tubes and building sites

Speak to Sadiq live on LBC: Watch in full

3 days ago

Sadiq Khan told James O'Brien he's confident over a Brexit deal

Sadiq Khan: Even this government isn't pig-headed enough to go for no-deal Brexit now

24 days ago

Sadiq Khan warned TfL is close to running out of cash

Sadiq Khan reveals TfL will run out of cash today without government support

1 month ago

James O'Brien asked Sadiq Khan about the government's refusal to request a Brexit extension

Sadiq Khan fumes over government's refusal to consider Brexit delay

2 months ago

Sadiq Khan: The Latest News

Bus drivers have been banned from enforcing passengers to wear masks

TfL stops bus drivers from forcing passengers to wear face masks

Sadiq Khan accuses government of being "scared of scrutiny" in their coronavirus response

Sadiq Khan warns James O'Brien of "bad decision making" from government in lockdown ease

The Mayor told LBC it was great news the alert level dropped

Sadiq Khan warns against becoming complacent as Covid-19 alert level lowered

London landmarks to be reviewed after slave trader statue torn down

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