Speak To Sadiq: The Best Clips

Sadiq Khan has spoken out against Insulate Britain's method of protest

Traffic-blocking eco-mob are 'putting people off' climate issues, Sadiq tells LBC

1 month ago

Mr Khan said he wouldn't have anyone with a nickname like 'The Rapist' in his employment

Sadiq Khan: I wouldn’t have someone nicknamed ‘the rapist’ working for me

1 month ago

Speak To Sadiq 7/10: Watch Live On LBC from 10am

Speak To Sadiq 07/10 | Watch Again

1 month ago

Sadiq Khan has called for key workers to be exempt from isolation

Sadiq Khan: London's 999 workers, food supply and TfL staff must be exempt from 'pings'

4 months ago

No vaccine passports for TfL services

Sadiq Khan 'not in favour' of vaccine passports for TfL services

4 months ago

Speak to Sadiq - Mayor of London answers your questions

Speak to Sadiq 22/07 Watch Again

4 months ago

Sadiq Khan: The Latest News

Sadiq Khan called for masks to be made mandatory on the Tube again

'Don't wait for Plan B': Mayor of London calls on the government to reintroduce face masks

Sadiq Khan is now saying a steward shortage is a factor behind the cancelled New Year fireworks

Now 'grinch' Khan blames steward shortage for cancelling London NYE fireworks

'Cop-out'? Some Londoners have questioned the New Year's Eve firework cancellation

'Don't hide behind Covid': Londoners angry at no NYE fireworks for a second year

Sadiq Khan warned 'I think for the next few days at least there is going to be a shortage of fuel'

Sadiq Khan warns fuel crisis will continue for 'foreseeable future'

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