Sadiq Khan: I wouldn’t have someone nicknamed ‘the rapist’ working for me

7 October 2021, 10:47

James puts the Mayor on the spot

By Asher McShane

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has spoken out about police vetting procedures in the wake of killer cop Wayne Couzens being jailed for the rest of his life, saying he would not allow someone nicknamed "the rapist" to work in his office.

During Speak to Sadiq on LBC today with James O'Brien, Mr Khan said there were questions that needed to be answered about the vetting of Couzens after it emerged he was nicknamed "The Rapist" by colleagues.

Couzens, who was a serving Met officer at the time he kidnapped, raped and murdered Sarah Everard, was handed a whole-life jail term last month at the Old Bailey.

James asked Sadiq: "What would you do if someone in your office was nicknamed the rapist?"

Mr Khan said : "That's one of the things the inquiry is looking into.

Mayor of London: If you are concerned about a police officer ring 999

"I'm not sure that person would still be working for me if that was the case."

Mr Khan went on to say that after Sarah Everard's murder it is highly unlikely that a lone woman would be stopped by a lone plain clothes police officer, but anyone being stopped who is unsure the person stopping them is genuine, can, as a last resort call 999.

On September 30, Couzens was handed a rare whole life jail term for Sarah Everard's kidnap, rape and murder.

Sentencing Couzens, Lord Justice Fulford said Sarah Everard was a "wholly blameless victim of a grotesquely executed series of circumstances that culminated in her death and the disposal of her body".

"She was simply walking home," he said.

"Sarah Everard’s state of mind, and what she had to endure would have been as bleak and agonising as it is possible to imagine."

Sarah's family said she "lost her life needlessly and cruelly" and her future was stolen by killer Pc Couzens.