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Past Episodes

Boris Johnson is holding a coronavirus press conference

Watch LIVE: PM holds Covid press conference amid Christmas chaos

2 months ago

Boris Johnson said an Australian-style deal is a "very good option"

Boris Johnson appears to praise no-deal Brexit as "a very good option"

7 months ago

Boris Johnson refused to comment on his father breaking the lockdown guidelines

Boris Johnson repeatedly refuses to criticise dad Stanley for breaking lockdown rules

7 months ago

The Prime Minister was speaking to LBC on Friday morning

Boris Johnson takes your calls on LBC: Watch in full

7 months ago

Boris Johnson in the LBC studio

Boris Johnson's response to Nick Ferrari last year on if he would have another baby

12 months ago

Boris Johnson grilled by a single mother and nurse during LBC phone-in

Boris Johnson grilled by a single mother and a nurse during LBC phone-in

Ages ago