Boris Johnson grilled by a single mother and a nurse during LBC phone-in

30 November 2019, 10:52 | Updated: 30 November 2019, 10:54

A nurse and a single mother both called in to hold the Prime Minister to account on comments he has made.

Boris Johnson grilled by a single mother and nurse during LBC phone-in
Boris Johnson grilled by a single mother and nurse during LBC phone-in. Picture: LBC

Single mother Ruth confronted Boris Johnson on comments he'd made 25 years ago calling un-partnered mums "uppity and irresponsible".

She said: "I don't appreciate what you said about single mothers and, in implication, my family."

Johnson replied: "I mean absolutely no disrespect to you or indeed to anybody."

He said that the comments were "culled" from articles before he was even in politics.

He added: "Almost invariably, when you look at these articles, you'll find that the actual piece is saying the opposite of what is claimed."

A nurse and WASPI woman, Janet, also called in.

She told the Prime Minister that she "can't wait" to leave the profession that she loves. Could he convince her and thousands of other nurses to say, she asked.

On the WASPI point, he said that he really appreciates "the frustration" and said that "we have to manage our economy prudently" but will do "whatever we can do to help".

In an attempt to encourage her to stay put, he outlined pledges to reintroduce bursaries and put more cash back into the health service.

He said it's not just about "new buildings and fantastic new investment in infrastructure" but "it's also about investing in people".

Janet was not convinced, however,

She said: "It's done nothing to convince me to go to work on Monday, not at all."