Boris Johnson Phone-In Interview: 10 Things We Learnt From His Live LBC Show

25 June 2019, 12:04 | Updated: 25 June 2019, 12:06

Boris Johnson answering questions live in the LBC studio
Boris Johnson answering questions live in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC / Matt Crossick

Boris Johnson answered questions from LBC listeners this morning - the first time people have had the chance to question the favourite to be the next Prime Minister. This is what we learnt.

Touching subjects ranging from Brexit and the Irish backstop to Nazanin Raghari-Ratcliffe and LGBTQ lessons, Boris Johnson was asked about all the key issues of the day. These are the clips that everyone will be talking about.

1. Boris Johnson stood by his comments on Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe

Boris Johnson has been accused of causing British citizen Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe to have her sentence lengthened while imprisoned in Iran. Her husband is currently on hunger strike in protest, but Mr Johnson insists he would repeat the comments he made.

2. Boris Johnson refuses to call General Election following his Gordon Brown comments

When Gordon Brown became Prime Minister without being elected by the people, Boris Johnson said it was a "gigantic fraud". So Nick Ferrari asked him when he would be calling the election if he makes it to Downing Street. And Mr Johnson said he wouldn't.

3. Boris Johnson admits to trying Class A drugs

Boris Johnson told LBC he had "attempted" to take some Class A drugs when he was 19, but decided not to explain exactly what drugs he attempted to take.

4. Boris Johnson says Mark Carney is wrong on GATT 24

Boris Johnson has previously said that we could trade with the EU on a little-known article called GATT 24. Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England said that this is not an option, but Mr Johnson says he's wrong to say that.

5. Boris Johnson outlines his plan for the Irish backstop

Theresa May's withdrawal agreement failed to get through parliament because of the backstop for the Northern Irish border. Boris Johnson explained how he would deal with the border to help secure a deal with the EU.

6. Boris Johnson promised funds for 20,000 more police officers

Sajid Javid said the police needed 20,000 more officers to ensure they can do their jobs properly. Mr Johnson said he would fund that if he was Prime Minister.

7. Boris Johnson denies regularly texting Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon claimed he was in regular text conversation with Boris Johnson, a claim that the former Foreign Secretary described as a "load of codswallop".

8. Boris Johnson refused to answer a question 26 times

Nick Ferrari asked Boris Johnson again and again when the picture of him with girlfriend Carrie Symonds was taken, claiming that it was an old photo before he had his hair cut. Mr Johnson refused to answer each and every time.

9. Boris Johnson: Parents are wrong to take pupils out of LGBTQ lessons

Boris Johnson backed the school in Birmingham in which parents are protesting against lessons on LGBTQ relationships, saying the pupils should not be taken out of school.

10. Boris Johnson didn't want his LBC phone-in to finish!

Boris Johnson just kept talking and wouldn't let his LBC show finish. So Nick Ferrari asked him questions that got increasingly difficult. It was a remarkable end to a remarkable show.