Easter bank holiday weather: UK set for dry and sunny spell for long weekend

3 April 2023, 14:11 | Updated: 3 April 2023, 15:58

The Met office has released the upcoming weather forecasts for Easter weekend.
The Met office has released the upcoming weather forecasts for Easter weekend. Picture: Alamy

By Jenny Medlicott

What's the weather going to be like for Easter? Parts of England can expect sunshine across the four-day weekend, although showers are looming the following week, forecasters have said.

The Easter weekend is approaching and UK residents are not only looking forward to a long-four day weekend, but the fact we will finally be seeing dry and sunnier weather.

The Met Office has officially begun forecasting the bank holiday weekend weather, and conditions are officially looking like spring after March was the wettest one on record for 40 years.

In their latest forecast, the Met Office has predicted sunny spells to become 'increasingly common' across the UK over the first two weeks of April.

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And in better weather news, there's even predictions temperatures could reach 20C.

Here's the official weather forecast for Easter weekend covering London, Scotland, Wales and other parts of England.

Little girl doing outdoor Easter egg hunt
Dry weather forecasts bring hope for outdoor Easter egg hunts. Picture: Alamy

What have the Met Office forecast for Easter weekend?

According to the Met Office many parts of the UK "are expected to see mostly fine and dry weather".

They added that sunny spells will be "becoming increasingly common with time" too which will be a welcome relief for many.

They also said winds are expected to be light with patches of cloud that could bring a chance of rain.

As April goes on, the weather becomes more difficult to predict but they have said there are chances for wetter and windier weather.

Regarding temperatures, they added "Temperatures are likely to be near normal or slightly above, although these may drop quickly under any clear skies after dark, leaving scope for some overnight frosts."

What is the Easter weather forecast for London and the South East?

If you live in the capital or the surrounding areas, the forecast is currently predicting dry and sunny days for Good Friday through to Easter Monday.

There will still be plenty of cloud around with temperatures ranging from 12-16C - some of the best from across the country.

What is the Easter weather forecast for the rest of England?

Starting in the south, coastal areas like Cornwall will also see dryer days for Easter, however, temperatures will only rise to highs of 12C.

Devon and Plymouth will also experience similar weather with the best conditions arriving on Good Friday.

Norwich will be dry and cloudy with highs of 13C which is similar to Cambridge and Birmingham.

As we move further North, Manchester will be experience warmer temperatures of 13C for Easter with Newcastle upon Tyne seeing a slightly cooler 10C.

Blue and white striped deckchair on Brighton beach
The long Easter weekend will see many flocking to the seaside to enjoy the first warmer weather sting. Picture: Alamy

What is the Easter weather forecast for Scotland, Wales and Ireland?

  • Scotland - Just like the rest of the UK, parts of Scotland, including Edinburgh and Glasgow, will experience a dry and warm weekend. Things will remain dry the further north you go to Aberdeen but will be cooler at 9C.
  • Wales - Another lovely weather forecast in Wales as temperatures will rise to 13C with the best conditions being on Good Friday.
  • Ireland - Dublin will see temperatures range from 10-12C over Easter weekend with conditions remaining similar in Cork. Northern Ireland and Belfast conditions will also be dry and sunny with highs of 12C.