Watch: 'Brazen' burglar blunders round pub before being jailed within 48hrs

10 December 2019, 11:21

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

Police in Sunderland have secured a conviction for a "brazen raider" within 48 hours of his arrest.

Graham Liddle, 50, smashed his way into a city centre bar shortly after 5 am on November 3 before grabbing £109 in cash from the till, and helping himself to an iPhone 8+ and a Samsung Galaxy phone as he fumbled his way around the premises.

Officers were on hand to thwart his escape after they arrived quickly at the scene and spotted the intruder on the roof of the Vine Place bar.

CCTV showed Liddle fumbling round the property
CCTV showed Liddle fumbling round the property. Picture: Northumbria Police

Upon arrest, Liddle, of no fixed abode, insisted he thought the property was a disused property and was merely searching for a way out.

Police said "overwhelming" evidence against Liddle meant he admitted burglary at his first appearance before magistrates in South Tyneside on December 2. He was subsequently jailed for 18 weeks.

PC Sam Middleton, of Northumbria Police, said Liddle’s conviction was made possible by some “outstanding work” by officers.

Jailed Graham Liddle, 50
Jailed Graham Liddle, 50. Picture: Northumbria Police

“Within ten minutes of being alerted to a possible break-in, police were at the scene and had located and apprehended the suspect who was spotted on the roof," PC Middleton said.

“From thereon, with Liddle claiming he had not committed a burglary and was merely lost inside the premises, officers worked diligently to pull together a compelling case that left the defendant with little choice but to admit his guilt.

“Christmas is a time for good-will, but the selfish actions of individuals like Liddle can undermine our community spirit and bring misery to law-abiding residents and business owners alike.

“As a result, it is important that we continue to take burglars off the streets and we will continue to do just that over the coming weeks.”

After pleading guilty to burglary, magistrates sentenced Liddle to 18 weeks imprisonment and ordered him to pay a £122 victim surcharge.