Britons stranded in India forced to sleep on the streets after coronavirus lockdown

25 March 2020, 07:54 | Updated: 25 March 2020, 08:01

A group of Britons are having to sleep on the streets of Delhi after being stranded by the coronavirus lockdown in India.

The country's Prime Minister Narendra Modi ordered a "complete" lockdown for India's 1.3 billion people yesterday in an attempt to stop the spread of coronavirus.

A caller told Tom Swarbrick of the group whose flights home this week were cancelled and they don't have anywhere they can stay.

Wendy in Orpington revealed the Brits are unable to get a hotel and were turned away by Indian Police and have been unable to get help from the UK diplomatic services in both Delhi and Mumbai.

Clearly upset, Wendy pleaded with listeners to help them and the thousands of other Brits stranded in India.

Tom Swarbrick heard how Britons are stranded on the streets of India
Tom Swarbrick heard how Britons are stranded on the streets of India. Picture: LBC / PA

She told LBC: "My daughter's friends are walking the streets of Delhi. They were supposed to come home yesterday and Emirates have thousands of pounds of their money, but have just not bothered about them.

"They've been to the diplomatic services in Delhi and Mumbai, they are all closed up. They've been to the police station, they were thrown out. They can't get any hotels.

"There is a group of Brits in their 50s literally on the streets of Delhi and the Foreign Office don't want to know. They need help."

It's a story that Tom Swarbrick is not going to let go of - he will keep trying to help this group until they get home.

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