WATCH: Father Christmas Rescues Woman Who Slipped On Icy Pavement

13 December 2017, 13:08

When a woman took a tumble on an icy pavement, little did she know it would be Father Christmas who came to her rescue.

Dash-cam footage captured the pedestrian dropping her shopping bags as she slipped on the snow-laden path over the weekend.

Santa comes to the rescue
Picture: Credit: Youtube / Dave Cordoza

As she struggled to get up, a passing motorist slammed on his brakes in a bid to come to the woman’s aid.

But, much to everybody’s surprise the driver emerges out of the vehicle wearing a full Father Christmas outfit.

He too temporarily struggles with the treacherous conditions outside the Tesco supermarket in Watford.

However, after managing to find his grip, the hero passer-by eventually gets her to her feet.

The unknown man then puts the woman’s shopping back into her bag and even puts her hat back on her head.