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50 people have been killed, including a six-year-old boy.

Russian attack kills at least 51 people, including child, as bombs target eastern Ukrainian village

Russia's Black Sea naval headquarters has been hit by a missile strike

Ukraine claims 'senior officers' killed after 'British' missile smashes into Russian Black Sea navy HQ in Crimea

Russia's Black Sea naval headquarters has been hit by a missile strike

'British' missile smashes into Russian Black Sea navy HQ in Crimea, sending plume of smoke billowing into the sky

Vanya Gaberova has been charged with spying

'Award winning' Bulgarian beautician, 29, who runs salon in north London among five accused of spying for Russia

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy addressed the United Nations today

'Evil cannot be trusted': Zelenskyy accuses Russia of 'weaponising food, children and AI' in United Nations address

Charges against Mikhail Fridman have been dropped

'Britain's FBI' fumbles ten-month investigation into London's last Russian oligarch as mansion raid was 'unlawful'

Vladimir Putin

If the West does not enable Ukraine to prevail against Putin, all of our other problems will seem trivial

Russia's Rostov-on-Don submarine has been badly damaged in a strike

Russia's $300 million Kilo-class submarine hit in attack on Black Sea Fleet naval base as fireballs light up shipyard

Putin has welcomed Kim to Russia in the hopes of putting together a deal for munitions

Smiling Putin and Kim Jong Un vow to fight a 'sacred' battle against the West as the tyrants meet for weapons talks

North Korea leader Kim Jong Un is due to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin

‘Russia expects this war to go on for some time’: North Korea meeting shows Putin ‘playing long game’, ex-MI6 spy says

King Charles has sent good wishes to Kim Jong-un as he prepares to meet Putin

King Charles wishes North Korea well as Kim Jong-un travels to meet Putin for arms deal

Russia has condemned the move

US to send controversial uranium tank shells to Ukraine as part of $1bn package

Grant Shapps said Putin is training schoolchildren to fight in Ukraine. Main image shows a Ukrainian soldier training in Norway

'Isolated' Putin has begun 'training Russia's schoolchildren to use guns and grenades,' Defence Secretary says

The Wagner Group has been declared a terrorist organisation

Wagner Group to be declared terrorist organisation by the UK

The Challenger 2 tank was destroyed

British Challenger tank in Ukraine 'blown up after hitting a Russian mine'

Sir Richard said the armed forces have been shredded

'We've shredded our armed forces': Ex-MI6 chief declares Britain is not properly defended amid threat from Russia

Security breaches have risen dramatically at HMNB Clyde

'Very strong possibility' Russia linked to 'shocking' rise in security breaches at Britain's nuclear submarine base

Kim Jong-un is set to travel to Russia

North Korea's Kim Jong-un to travel to Russia for Ukraine war arms deal