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Germany's concerns over an all-out war are justified, the US Army's former European commander has warned.

Putin will only trigger World War Three if he feels Nato are unprepared, ex-commander of US forces in Europe warns

Leaked documents show a hypothetical scenario for Russia and Nato facing off against each other

Cyber attacks, riots and lies: Leaked documents show step-by-step plan for how Putin could trigger World War Three

Russian officials have accused Ukrainian forces of shelling the Russian border city of Belgorod

Russia vows to retaliate after accusing Ukraine of launching missile and drone attacks

Putin is furious at the loss of another ship in the Black Sea

Furious Putin 'orders Crimea commanders to the frontline' as punishment for humiliating sinking of Black Sea ship

The strike on the landing ship Novocherkassk has been confirmed by both Russia and Ukraine

Russian navy ship 'destroyed' off Crimea, as Britain claims 20% of Kremlin's Black Sea fleet knocked out

The strike on the landing ship Novocherkassk has been confirmed by both Russia and Ukraine

Russian navy ship 'destroyed' in Black Sea off Crimea, Kremlin confirms, as 'two Ukrainian fighter jets destroyed'

Alexei Navalny has not been seen in six days

Vladimir Putin's main political rival Alexei Navalny 'disappears from prison'

A Sandown-class minehunter

UK transfers two minehunter ships to Ukraine to counter Russian blockade and open up Black Sea trade routes

British politicians and civil society have been targeted by Russia

Russian spies accused of sustained campaign to hack phones and emails of UK politicians and journalists

Illia Kyva

Ukrainian 'traitor' ex-MP assassinated in Russia after he called for Putin to use weapons of mass destruction

Jacek Siewiera, the chief of Poland's National Security Bureau, said Nato has three years to prepare for Russian attack

Nato has three years to prepare for a Russian attack, Poland warns as fears grow over another Putin offensive

The mayor of Kyiv has claimed president Zelenskyy is becoming increasingly autocratic.

‘Zelenskyy is becoming an autocrat’ Kyiv mayor Klitschko says, as he warns Ukraine will soon be 'no different to Russia'

Migrants have been crossing the Finnish border from Russia on bikes and scooters

Russia 'sends migrants over border with EU to Finland on scooters and bikes' to destabilise Europe

French prosecutors have opened an investigation into Ms Ovsyannikova's illness

Russian journalist who protested war in Ukraine on live TV may have been poisoned

Kharkiv was bombed by Russia early on Friday morning

Ukrainian boy, 10, wearing Spiderman pyjamas, killed alongside grandma in Russian missile attack on Kharkiv

Putin said Prigozhin may have been high or drunk during crash

Putin says 'high or drunk' Wagner boss Prigozhin was killed when a grenade exploded on plane

Putin has threatened the West with total nuclear annihilation.

Putin vows to create 'new world' and threatens West with total nuclear destruction in event of strike on Russia

Mr Prigozhin’s aborted rebellion in June was the most serious challenge for the Russian president.

Hand grenade fragments found in bodies from Prigozhin plane crash