British traitor fighting for Russia in Ukraine says he is 'prepared to die' for Putin after family 'disowns him'

28 March 2024, 06:45

Aiden Minnis (left) and Ben Stimson (right) joined the Russian military
Aiden Minnis (left) and Ben Stimson (right) joined the Russian military. Picture: Social media

By Emma Soteriou

A British traitor who is fighting for Russia in Ukraine has said he is "prepared to die" for Vladimir Putin as he bragged about life on the frontline.

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Aiden Minnis, 37, claimed to be "doing the Lord’s work" after joining the Russian army in January.

He said his proudest moment had been "swearing an oath to Russia and standing with my unit as the national anthem played", according to the Mirror.

It comes after Minnis and his friend Ben Stimson, 48, were branded "traitors" by ex-British Army commander Colonel Richard Kemp for joining Vladimir Putin's forces.

Minnis said he had no plans to return to the UK as he would be "arrested on return for serving in the Russian army and in the Donbas".

"I'm in the process of obtaining a Russian passport as we speak. I will be a Russian citizen," he said.

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Minnis (centre) joined the Russian army at the start of the year
Minnis (centre) joined the Russian army at the start of the year. Picture: Social media

Despite not being able to speak Russian, Minnis said his fellow soldiers were his "brothers", adding that he "gets on really well with them".

"I trust them and I will die for them," he said. "They have proven themselves and helped me a lot."

Addressing the language barrier, he added: "We understand each other. A bit of pidgin English and pidgin Russian and sign language. It gets done."

The traitor is said to have been disowned by his Wiltshire-based family.

A friend said his mother did not know that her son was fighting on the frontline.

"She has nothing to do with him, she has disowned him and they do not speak," they previously told MailOnline.

"I don't think she will ever want to talk about him. She wants nothing to do with him and they have not spoken or had contact for years."

The friend added: "I don't believe she was even aware he was away fighting. This is all news to her."